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Let Culture Integrates into Every Corner

Every source in the world might be faded,however only culture is born to live

企业文化战略落地: 让文化融入每个角落


Talent have lost seriously? Outstanding Individuals couldn’t stay?

The reasons to stay are the salary,future and culture?

Culture out of Business
Is the misunderstanding of culture out of business?

Culture is to engage in activities,let staffs join in.

Culture is to engage in thought,it might be panic.

Culture first,then the business.

Culture out of Crowd
Does the company culture become the part of HR department?
When the staffs are success, the enterprises are success. We are going to assist individuals and companies to create the career management strategy for improving the performance and flexibility.
Culture out of Reality
Culture just written on walls and paper?
Corporate culture is the key to determine how far a company can go. Without culture, there is no soul.
In depth Consultation

What is the culture? How to solve the problems with it?

Appropriate person with good attitude matches the appropriate business.

  • Focusing Requirement

    Why summarize the culture? How all the staffs think about it?Knowing about the thought of leaders.

  • Summarize the Spirit

    Through one-to-one interview, Group Co creation, questionnaire and offline communication, and the ideas of employees and managers are extracted.

  • System Optimization

    Summarize the core beliefs and process, finding if it is matched with the culture and executive condition.

  • Behavioral Transfer

    The core concept (spiritual level) combined with the work scene to do behavior interpretation, collect typical cases reflecting the core concept for dissemination

The senior consultant of TeHiring talent group has nearly ten years of experience in corporate culture sorting and implementation, and will clarify and implement according to the causes of culture formation, such as founder's personality, behavior mode, etc

Implementation of corporate culture strategy

TeHiring provides customers with one-stop solutions from market consulting to talent layout and culture landing

  • Focus on key Scenes

    Focus on key Scenes

    · Hire & Fire Clear Employment Standards

    · Staff meeting: CEO's emphasis, Awards

    · Regular meeting: Appointment, Weekly meeting

    · Performance appraisal: Review values

    · Emergency Handling

    · Training courses: Newcomers, Managers

  • Grasp the key People

    Grasp the key People

    · Core Management

    · Front line Managers

    · Veteran Staff

    · New Employee

  • Setting the System

    Setting the System

    · Communication Mechanism: Bottom Up, Top Down and Parallel

    · Incentive Methods: Performance, Cultural Awards, Resource Allocation

    · Training System: Management /General /New Employee Training

If you have any questions, please contact us

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