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Not to fill the position, Just for Win-Win

TeHiring provides you with a full cycle of headhunting services and customized market consulting and management consulting services to help enterprises compete in an all-round way




Service Field

Provide multi service of management consulting,Enhance client satisfaction

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The professional comes from hardworking,the unchanging innovative spirit

  • Fast and accurate Hunting
  • Thousand · Senior Consultant
  • 14 years · Industry Accumulation
  • Industry · Famous Brand
  • One to One Service

One day to recommend the first batch of candidates, Selecting talents CV screening Recommend talent

Three days for candidate interviews,Arrange interview, assist client to select and employ persons

Recommend success in 15 days on average, Background check, multi-party negotiation, value-added services

3天安排候选人面试,安排面试 协助客户选人用人

平均15天推荐成功,背景调查 多方洽谈 增值服务

1天推荐首批候选人,甄选人才 简历脱水 推荐人才

3天安排候选人面试,安排面试 协助客户选人用人

平均15天推荐成功,背景调查 多方洽谈 增值服务

1天推荐首批候选人,甄选人才 简历脱水 推荐人才

3天安排候选人面试,安排面试 协助客户选人用人

平均15天推荐成功,背景调查 多方洽谈 增值服务

1天推荐首批候选人,甄选人才 简历脱水 推荐人才

3天安排候选人面试,安排面试 协助客户选人用人

平均15天推荐成功,背景调查 多方洽谈 增值服务

Service process

Find the most suitable person with the fastest speed, put them in the most suitable position, and provide the best service

Before Project Start

Under Project Launch

After The Project


Enterprises Orders

The depth of the communication Finishing requirements

TeHiring communication with customers, understand the recruitment needs, and give customers a preliminary introduction of TeHiring's basic situation, charging standard, service process, etc


Consultant Connectivity

Projects Assessment System Analysis

TeHiring has an in-depth understanding of the client's corporate culture, business status, salary package, job responsibilities, etc. The client is requested to fill in 《The TeHiring Job Description》 and provide background information. Colleagues will sign and confirm the information provided by both parties.


Project Start

Job interview Written Confirmation

TeHiring works with clients to analyze talent distribution and evaluate project feasibility based on delegated information. TeHiring determines cooperation based on the evaluation results. Both parties negotiate and sign 《the TeHiring headhunting commission contract》


Make Schemes

Job Analysis Talent Portrait

TeHiring consultant team produces talent portraits according to job requirements and project analysis books, starts search activities, and activates part-time hunters and information acquisition consultants in specific areas or industries to efficiently select candidates


Recommend Candidates

Multilateral coordination Resume matching

TeHiring will submit candidate data and recommendation reports to clients for comments and arrange interview between candidates and clients. At the end of the interview, the consultant will collect feedback from the client and the candidate separately and review them together to get a more accurate understanding of the position.


Background Check

Candidate Assessment Scientific Evaluation

TeHiring does a background check of candidates that the client is satisfied with, providing objective and unbiased details of the candidate's career history


Offer Candidate

Pre-service tutoring Assistance with Join

TeHiring will assist both parties with formal hiring and registration procedures after the candidate has been re-tested and approved by the client


Follow-up Service

Cost Settlement Regularly Visit

The Client shall pay off the balance in a lump sum within 5 working days after the talent's registration. After that, we will continue to carry out follow-up customer service and evaluate and track the working status of talents. TeHiring consultants provide free follow-up support to ensure continuity and stability of hiring for service enterprises

If you have any questions, please contact us

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