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Let Management Be Traceable

Business management is ultimately human resource management;Human resource management is synonymous with management



What is the essence of enterprise competition?

·There are many resources in an organization, but the core is human resources·

How to improve efficiency?
How to activate organizations?
How to deal with the future?
Meeting every day, But No Result?
Raise wages, But No Result?
Adjust Performance,But No Change?

TeHiring Service Products

In the era of digital survival, how to activate the organization and how to deal with the uncertainty in the future are the problems that every enterprise should think deeply

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Service Process

Growth is success before you become a leader; and when you become a leader and help others grow, that's success.

  • 01

    Requirements Focus

    Understand the needs of the highest decision level

    Check focus: What do employees and managers at all levels think.

  • 02

    Mental carding

    Focus on core managers: through one-on-one interviews, group co-creation.

    Employee participation: Collect employee feedback through questionnaires and offline communication.

    Summation: Feedback and refinement of ideas from employees and managers.

  • 03

    Mechanism layer optimization

    Optimize and adjust culture, organization and the core concepts of leadership.

  • 04

    Behavior layer implementation

    Combining mission and values, the management mechanism, organizational structure, performance and compensation are implemented from top to bottom.

In depth consultation

If you have any questions, please contact us

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