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Professional One-Step Recruitment Solution

The whole industry covers the creation of ecology by working together to comprehensively enhance the value of recruitment services. Assistant industries and enterprises search for senior executives, select middle-level managers and recruit elites



Professional business Main service

·Provide multi-dimensional management consulting services to improve customer satisfaction·

  • Executives Hunting

    TeHiring's Senior consultants are committed to building long-term strategic partnerships with talented individuals and companies, helping companies recruit top positions including CEO, COO, Director, and top technical talent.

  • Middle Management Hunting

    Middle manager is the key person in the company who helps the top management solve problems. In addition to high-level hiring, TeHiring enables you to quickly place the right person in the right place at the right time.

  • Background Check

    TeHiring will focus on reasons for resignation, such as organizational and planning skills, teamwork, passion, performance, etc. In order to prevent recruitment risks, reduce recruitment costs.

  • Human Resource Outsourcing Services

    TeHiring will customize your hr outsourcing services to meet your specific needs and quickly resolve your urgent needs.

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Be Different

Our services are driven by big data, mining the latest trends in the industry and the latest insights into talent

Learn More About The Business

We basically start from the business development level of each company, because we are a subsidiary of QYResearch(www.qyresearch.com ), we have the business resources of market consulting, we know what kind of problems customers need to solve.

Global Talent Insight

We will stand on the business pattern, to tap talents with global pattern, and accurately control

Professional Team

We have teams in 12 Countries who understand the local culture and employment of different Countries

Faster Delivery

We understand business, understand talent, do not need too much running in, can be keen to know the demand

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If you have any questions, please contact us

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